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The5ers Bootcamp Programs – The Best Funding For Your Buck

December 1, 2022 | 4:46 pm | Advanced Forex Blog
December 1, 2022 | 4:46 pm
Advanced Forex Blog
The5ers Bootcamp Programs - The Best Funding For Your Buck

The5ers New Bootcamp Programs

We are very excited about the new changes in the Bootcamp program

All the changes apply to those who are already trading in Bootcamp


What are The Bootcamp Programs

The5ers presents the first low-entry-cost challenge, where you can prove your trading skills and pay the rest only once you’ve passed.

The5ers Bootcamp is a low-priced program, and it is designed to test the consistency and discipline of skilled traders.

Traders applying for a trading seat with us will need to complete 3 challenge phases on a demo account.

The best thing is that you pay a low entry fee, and only if you pass you’ll pay the rest.

Once the 3 challenge phases have been completed, the trader will start trading on a live funded account and be applicable for a profit split.


The New Bootcamp Changes

More value – Not only will you pay a low entry cost, but the total amount is the lowest price in the industry – €575 for a $250,000 funded account.

More Profit – 75% profit split from level 2. So, if you are now trading level 2, you just made more money!

More Assets – Indices are now available.

Click here to learn more about the Bootcamp funding program.


The New $250,000 Bootcamp Program

Entry cost: €225.

Time and target: you have one year  to reach the target for the 3 steps

After passing the challenge stages, you’ll pay the rest of €350 and receive a $250,000 funded account

Total of €575, the lowest price for a $250k account in the industry.

Join now for the $250K Bootcamp program,


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