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Why You Should Trade With A Funded Trading Account Over A Retail Brokerage Account

January 16, 2019 | 4:02 pm | Advanced Forex Blog
January 16, 2019 | 4:02 pm
Advanced Forex Blog
Funded Trading Account

If you’re a seasoned Forex trader looking to greatly increase your capital and significantly lower your risk, The5ers funded trading account might be the perfect setup for you to reach your goals. Compared to your average retail brokerage account, The5ers proprietary trading account offers some of the best and most flexible terms for trading in the Forex market. For traders who want to get funded trading forex with more freedom and less risk, The5ers is hard to beat.

While other Forex trading programs handcuff their traders with limiting the allowed trading strategies and targets that are too high to accomplish, The5ers removes these unnecessary burdens from those who end up trading on the platform. The parameters for trading with The5ers are comfortable and tailored to bring in maximum returns with little to no risk.

Other than a one-time enrollment fee to initiate the evaluation, traders on The5ers platform will never have to trade with their own money. In fact, if you make a profit from your evaluation, you’ll even get to keep your split from the profits. And while profit share might be higher than a retail brokerage firm, we offer your account a much larger, exponential growth scheme that kicks into effect instantly once the 10% growth target is hit. You get paid for outstanding performance and It’s never at the expense of your growth as it would be if it was your own money being invested.

While the benefits listed above should pique the interest of any enterprising trader, below are a few more reasons why a funded trading account with The5ers is the best solution for any money manager looking to become a top forex trader.

The Legal Relationship

In a retail brokerage account, your status as a client limits your capital security. Since you’re not forced by anyone to be persistent with what you’re doing and to perform within a structured system, this can often lead to impulsive and reckless behavior.
In this scenario, you are the owner of the capital which means you can always withdraw, but conversely, this severely limits your ability to grow.

Contrary, when you choose to join and trade with a proprietary fund you are not the owner of the trading capital nor are you the client. With The5ers framework, you are a contractor and a service provider. Since you’re not an investor, we can provide you services anywhere in the world freely, regardless of local regulations. For example, this is a great opportunity for residents of countries like the US or Canada where regulations dictate that anyone trading with a brokerage account has to do so within the country. To take it one step further, France and Brazil disallow individuals to self invest in Forex, but residents of those countries can still participate in a fully-funded remote proprietary trading account.

Entry Costs

Starting a trading account with a broker requires that the trader invest the full trading capital from his or her own resources. In order to establish an account that can produce sufficient monthly income, this means you should be depositing between $20,000 to $100,000 from your own resources.

In contrast, trading on a forex funded trading account program costs only a few hundred dollars at sign up for control of an entry-level account which would give you access to capital worth upwards of $40,000.

Leverage Temptation

Most of today’s retail brokers dangle an irresponsibly high amount of leverage in front of prospective traders. This is a problem more and more traders need to be aware of, as this high amount of leverage is offered to encourage irresponsible behavior. It’s a tool no investor should ever use. The temptation to utilize such high leverage is avoided in The5ers prop trading fund because you will always be forced to act in a manner consistent with responsible trading. By adhering to The5ers risk guidelines, traders will be kept from engaging in reckless and self-defeating behavior.

Risk Of Funds

When trading with a retail brokerage, you, the trader, assume all of the risks. When you invest your own capital, you risk your full capital.

In the funded trading account, the fund provides all of the capital which allows you to trade on a risk-free account. Ultimately, you’re not paying for any losses but you will have a significant share in the profit.

International Traders From Highly Regulated Countries

As stated earlier, a remote proprietary trading fund is perfect for investors who reside in countries with strict regulations when it comes to Forex trading.

The5ers is also ideal for international traders because of the flexibility we offer. With The5ers, you can trade whenever you want. If you’re a weekend trader, night trader, whatever kind of trader, it’s all good with us.

Choosing Between Taking Profits Or AccountGrowth

When you trade on The5ers platform, you get paid according to your growth. Though profit share is high, we offer a much larger, exponential growth scheme. This rapid growth kicks into effect instantly once the 10% target is hit. If you do great work, you’ll get paid for your outstanding performance. Profits are also never at the expense of your growth as it would be if it was your own money being invested.

Joining Requirements

Whether you’re a retail broker or someone with comparable experience and knowledge trading, anyone can apply with no special requirements. However, only experienced trades or traders willing to be tested will be accepted to trade on the platform.

After seeing all the benefits that come from joining a funded forex trading account or a generic retail brokerage account, the answer of which path to follow should be pretty clear. The5ers is the clear option if you’re looking to increase your capital and lower risk. Our flexible terms, innovative trading platform, 24/7 support, and exponential growth opportunities are just an evaluation away. We hope to see you trading with us soon!




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