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Warm Welcomes To John.J Who Just Become One Of The5ers Funded Traders

March 27, 2019 | 2:22 pm | Successful Traders
March 27, 2019 | 2:22 pm
Successful Traders
Just Become One Of The5ers Funded Traders

Congratulations to John.J from the USA, he just passed The5ers evaluation with great success, it took him almost 7 months to reach the target and he needed an extension for his 6 Months time limit, great risk management with a very solid style of trading, it seems he is a swing forex trader, he testified himself that he worked with a naked chart relay on price Action, he is now funded by The5ers with 52K account, his next goal now is to achieve 10% of profit and get the account double to 104K, The5ers Fund welcomes John.J. to be one of our portfolio manager team and wish him a great success. Here are the interview and the trading statistics of John.J.

The5ers Myfxbook Channel

Name: John Jost

Age: 38

Country: Unites States


Please describe your trading journey. How long are you trading? when you become consistent? what made the change for you?

  • I have been trading for the past 3 years and 5 months. It has been a routine of 80+ hours per week of chart time, study, analysis, testing, researching, etc. – every single week for years. I almost quit 4 times…but always stuck with it. I started becoming consistently profitable around a year ago. The hard work started to pay off. The key component for when things changed was when I started to shift my mentality away from always trying to win, to what is the best way to avoid losing. Risk management became my top priority, and then the winners started to take care of themselves.

How were you introduced to trading?

  • I actually got laid off from a job and wanted to find something that could take the place of regular employment. I never wanted to be “surprised” like that again. A Google search led me down the initial trading path, and I was hooked right away. Also, the thought of working for someone else for the rest of my life was hell on earth to me. That just wasn’t going to happen, so I made the commitment right then and there to become a successful trader – no matter what. The funny thing is that I thought I would be profitable within a couple of months (as every new trader thinks), but now it has been 3 1/2 years later….hehe.

Describe your trading plan.

  • Naked charts, price action, daily charts, support and resistance, trendlines. A “simple is more” mentality.

Tell us about your trading routine

  • My life routine contributes to my trading routine. It involves adequate sleep, positive clear mindset, morning exercise, good clean diet, and then I trade for 15 minutes per day at the daily New York close always on the daily chart.

How do you manage risk in your trading? Do you have a risk management technique you can explain?

  • I never put on more trades than my account can handle. I risk no more than 0.04% per trade with a minimum of 3:1 RR per trade. I don’t get into more than 2 trades with a certain currency, so as to keep my exposure down.

What was your biggest challenge in trading, and how had you overcome this?

  • Learning to lose and accepting a loss as just being part of the process. Having a firm belief in my ability, hard-earned knowledge, and system – which allows me to shrug off losers easily.





What was the key moment of your trading career?

  • I can’t really put my finger on a key moment since I have had a few. I would say that before and during the phase of becoming profitable, I was listening to trading podcasts every day. I had listened to all these podcast episodes previously…a few times actually, but for some reason at this stage in my trading career, I could recognize the things I needed to work on – things that I would hear in the podcast episodes. So, I would take a nugget from one podcast and work on it. Then, I would work on another nugget from another podcast episode. I kept doing this and refining and simplifying and refining and simplifying…until it all came together.

In your opinion, what are the most important characteristics for maintaining a steady trading career?

  • Being consistent, becoming emotionless to trading, trusting the process, routine, belief in yourself.

What it the most important trading mental aspect, and how do you apply it in your routine?

  • Switch your mind from being a “trader” to being a “risk manager”.

What is your strategy to successfully pass the5%ers evaluation account?

  • Hard work, determination, belief in yourself and your system, simplification, no emotions. Don’t make trading overly complicated.

Please share your recommendations to online resources that were significant to your development path. Name and links are appreciated.

Please write anything you think is important but was not asked.

  • Believe in yourself always! You can do this!


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