Successful Traders

The Two Changes That Ultimately Made Me a Consistent Trader

December 16, 2021 | 5:09 pm | Successful Traders
December 16, 2021 | 5:09 pm
Successful Traders
The Two Changes That Ultimately Made Me a Consistent Trader

There should only be three outcomes in any trade, A small loss, a small win, or a big win. That’s Quinten Advice.

Quinten G, 35 years old From the USA.

Quinten has just successfully passed our Level 1. He is now one of The5ers funded traders and is trading with a 52K low-risk funded account on our platform.

His next mission is to reach 10% of profit and double his funds to 104K.

We spoke with Quinten about his trading plan, insights, and lessons gained while trading in the Forex market and our platform as a funded trader.

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Quinten G account - a Consistent Trader


Quinten G graph - a Consistent Trader

Quinten G best profit

Quinten G Advanced statistics

Quinten G Symbols Data - a Consistent Trader


  • Tell us a little bit about you.
    Born and raised in Lafayette LA. Proud father, husband, and former collegiate football player. I also fought MMA for a few years.


  • How long have you been trading?
    8 years.


  • Briefly describe your Trading Plan and how it contributes to your success.
    My trading plan is based on simplicity, data and above all else RISK MANAGEMENT. I created an algorithm that tells me the exact amount to risk on each trade. It also tells me when to enter, take profit and also exit a trade.


  • Share with us a challenge you faced in your trading career and how you overcame it?
    My struggle was always sticking with a strategy long enough for the actual success to appear. After creating this algorithm and properly backtesting, I had the confidence needed to proceed with my trading plan even when things got rough. One thing is for certain in this trading arena, things will always get rough!


  • How did you adjust risk management to your trading personality?
    All successful traders place a major emphasis on risk management. Early in my trading career, I was fortunate to have a mentor who preached the significance of a stop loss. Risk management has nothing to do with my trading personality, it is based on data presented in the market. I use the ATR indicator to tell me what I should allocate to each position.


  • Describe a key moment in your trading career.
    When I took 3 small losses in a row, but one winning trade made up for those 3 losses and more. This was confirmation that there should only be three outcomes in any trade… A small loss, a small win or a big win. As long as I keep my losses small and manageable, I have a chance to survive.


  • How long it took for you to become a consistent trader, and what aspects did you change that helped you to become consistent?
    It took me 5 years to become consistently profitable. The first thing i changed was my mentor. I found someone who was exactly where I wanted to be in their trading career. Next I changed my mindset. I started to understand that in order to fully trust a trading strategy, I needed proof. I went on a backtesting binge, found my strategy and the rest is history.



  • What is your mental/psychological strength, and how did you develop it?
    I believe my mental/psychological strength is understanding that failure is never final unless you quit. I come from very humble beginnings, financial literacy was not even spoken in our household. I had to go out and learn everything I know today. As you can imagine, failures were a major part of my journey. I became comfortable with failing fast, realizing what worked and trying again.


  • What was your strategy to successfully passing The5%ers’ First Level?
    Risk management, discipline and consistency. Trust the process and don’t give up.


  • How is trading for the5ers different from trading by yourself?
    The 5%ers are giving me an opportunity to truly make a career out of trading. When I say a career I mean taking care of my family trading the Forex market. It would take a major investment for me to do this alone.


  • What would you recommend to someone who is just starting with us?
    Make sure to demo your strategy before starting. This builds confidence which is very important. Once you start, stick to the script and trade the strategy without fail.


  • Share online resources that were/are significant in your trading development. Name and links are appreciated.
    A guy by the name of VP. He has a youtube channel and a website “No Nonsense Forex”


  • Would you like to share anything else with us?
    I appreciate the opportunity and look forward to making some money together!


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