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How to Get The Best Funded Trading Accounts?

June 24, 2020 | 5:11 am | Advanced Forex Blog
June 24, 2020 | 5:11 am
Advanced Forex Blog
How to Get The Best Funded Trading Accounts

Fully Funded Trading Account

A Forex trading job is recognized to be one of the most challenging jobs in the market due to the sheer of variables that need to be considered before implementing any decisions.

The Forex market is extremely volatile, and there are very few alternatives offered to traders to accumulate funds for their account. However, you don’t have to worry about money when you get selected to trade with a funded trading account. That happens when you show great experience and skill in making profitable trades, along with the consistency of your trade.

If you show a proprietary trading firm that you are skilled and talented, and can be counted among the top forex traders, you will get the chance to join some of the best-funded proprietary funds in the market.

What are Funded Trading Accounts At A Proprietary Forex Fund?

A Forex funded trading account at a proprietary forex fund is one of the main goals for all forex traders because that is the pinnacle of their industry. There are a lot of great proprietary forex funds that are offering traders the chance to showcase their talent and skill with a funded trading account. At The5ers proprietary firm, we offer traders the chance to elevate their trading career to the next level. We offer traders with everything they need to be successful in Forex trading, if they prove their skills, and have a track record of being a successful trader.

How to Choose The Best Funded Trading Accounts?

Here are some important points to understand about how to choose a funded trading account, which traders tend to get confused about, or that firms manipulate the way they present them to confuse traders:

Share Split

This means how much of the profits the trader receives, and how much the company keeps.

It is important to analyze this point together with the possible account size.

Most companies will offer 60% to 80% percentage of the profits for the trader in 100K to 300K accounts.

The5ers gives up to 1.28 million accounts with a 50%-50% split. So you keep a little less percentage of the profits, in a significantly larger trading account.

Remember that when you are taking the very same winning performance, the actual money-earning potential is what matters and not the percentage split.

Payout and growing Terms

In most companies, you will get paid monthly something between 60%-80% of your profits. BUT in order to grow your account you will have to leave your profits in the account.

The5ers is the only fund that actually pays every month, no minimum, and no maximum applied.

The5ers is the only fund that pays and at the same time saves your milestone progression at the same level!

Meaning you pull out money every month, and you don’t hold your growth rate.

With other companies, you have to choose between taking the profits or leaving them for growth.

get paid to trade forex


The duration & phases of the time you spend on being evaluated are also interesting to compare.

Most companies have 2 phases of testing before real funding and in most cases, those phases happen on demo accounts.

The5ers has only 1 evaluation phase, and it is actually on a live trading account. so practically you are already being funded – only with 1/4th of the account, you will get once you succeed. and you get paid for the profits made during the evaluation by the 50% split share.

Most companies will ask you to make a 10% profit on your evaluation account, in one month! Although it is possible to achieve, this objective doesn’t suit long term strategies and promotes overleveraging. With the5ers you need to make 6%-7% in a maximum period of 6 months.

Weekends and nights

Look if you are allowed to leave open trades overnight and over the weekends.

Most companies won’t allow it. allows overnight and over the weekend trades, which is crucial for long term traders.

Recurring fees

In some companies, you will have to pay an initial fee plus a monthly fee.

With the5ers, there are no monthly payments. To get evaluated you only need to pay a one-time enrollment fee.

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How To Get Qualified for a funded trading account

There aren’t any special qualities that qualify you for a funded trading account, other than proving your skills. You must show consistent results in forex trading and prove that your trading strategy is profitable. There are plenty of traders that get good results, but it can also be a fluke win, and to qualify for a funded trading account, you must showcase consistently profitable trades.

Sign up to evaluate your trading

When you sign up to trade with some of the best forex proprietary funds in the market, your trading style is going to be evaluated by the firm first. You will have to pay for the signup fee, but other than that there are no additional costs to be in a Forex funded account program.

After a few weeks in testing, you will be totally in the risk-free trading zone

Once you have passed the initial evaluation, you will be tested for a few weeks, so that the proprietary firm can get a good feel of your trading style. Once you pass those few weeks, you will enter the risk-free trading zone, which is when you will be given your own funded trading account.

Get paid to trade forex

After proving yourself in the Forex market with consistently profitable trades, you will earn the right to get paid to trade in the Forex market. This is the best step for your trading career, as it allows you with the chance to test yourself among the best traders that are currently trading in the market.

Develop your trading career from home

When you get the chance to work with a forex funded account, your trading career is on the rise. It is best to choose a remote proprietary trading firm to work with, like The5ers, since they offer traders the chance to develop their trading career from home. This additional flexibility allows traders to trade in the market at their own time, and from wherever they choose to trade from.

Get high capital to trade

Once you are in the forex funded account program, you must keep showcasing your skills as a forex trader to climb even higher up the ladder. If you show great results while Forex trading, then you will get a funded trading account with even bigger capital, so you can trade more. Only the top forex traders get that chance, and only after they apply the risk management requirements of the proprietary firm.

You can trade any trading strategy

One of the primary benefits of trading with a funded trading account is that you can trade any style without any fear of your style being compromised. You can choose any style, from scalping, day trading, to long-term position holding, swing trading, fundamentals analysis, or technical analysis trading strategies. The only thing you must keep in mind is that you must deliver profitable trades and results with your trading style.

Get Your Funded Trading Account with The5ers

There are a lot of forex proprietary firms in the market, but The5ers stands head and shoulders above them all. We are a remote proprietary trading firm, that offers some of the best forex proprietary trading funds on the market. Our forex funded account program has helped countless traders to develop their trading career, and if you are among the top forex traders in the market you should enroll now.

We have worked with some of the best forex traders in the market and offer them the following incentives, along with the best forex trading job.

Risk-free trading

Don’t risk your money anymore on the Forex market. This is risk-free trading that allows you to not only think big but take more chances to get profitable trades in the market.

Develop a trading career

One of the biggest benefits of trading with our funded trading account is that we give all traders the chance to develop their careers. You will be assigned for the highest rewarding trading growth program, where you can build up your trading assets to make a substantial living.

Zero cost from your side

You don’t need to worry about the cost because there are none from your side when you work with The5ers funded trading account. You only pay for the signup fee and the rest is handled by the proprietary firm, so you get complete freedom to become the best trader you can.

Bring your own trading strategy

Worried about compromising your trading strategy? That isn’t even a consideration when you work with a funded trading account, because you have complete freedom as a trader to use your own trading strategy. That ensures that you don’t second guess yourself and keep using the trading strategies that made you successful.

Apply the fund risk management requirements to your own trading strategy

When trading with a forex funded trading account, you must follow the risk management requirements of the funded account. That ensures that you don’t take unnecessary risks that may jeopardize the capital in your funded account.

Final Words About Funded Trading Accounts

There are a lot of forex proprietary firms in the market today that are offering traders the chance to elevate their trading career. Choosing the right firm, like The5ers, will give you the chance to trade with some of the best forex traders in the industry.

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