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Level 3 Funded Trader Jeremiah Describes His Process With The5ers

March 18, 2021 | 2:48 pm | Successful Traders
March 18, 2021 | 2:48 pm
Successful Traders
Level 3 funded trader Jeremiah describes his process with The5ers_youtube

Using a small lot size gives you more flexibility with your position, That’s Jeremiah Advice

Jeremiah A. from the United Kindom is one of The5ers level 3 funded traders.

Jeremiah successfully passed our Level 1 on a $10K real live account, then he passed the $40K account, and now his trading on an $80K account.

His next mission is to reach 10% gain profit again and double his funds to $160K.


Watch the interview with Jeremiah A.

Take a peek at his trading performance and some interesting statistics from Jeremiah The5ers dashboard

Jeremiah level 1 statistics – $10k

The5ers level 1 conducted on a real live account, Jeremiah completed the level 1 process by reaching the 6% target (The5ers level 1 Qualifying Target is 6%/7% which can be achieved within 6 months).

In the image below, As you can see at some point Jeremiah had a drawdown, but professional risk management helped him to make an amazing recovery.

Level 3 funded trader Jeremiah describes his process with The5ers


Jeremiah stats


Jeremiah’s $40K funded account (level 2)

This is Jeremiah’s level 2 account, a $40k funded account.

Eventually, Jeremiah reached the 10% target and doubled his funded account to $80k according to The5ers growth program.

As you can at the beginning Jeremiah had a little drawdown, but afterward, Jeremiah’s equity curve was smooth and nice.

Level 3 funded trader Jeremiah describes his process with The5ers STATS


Jeremiah image



Jeremiah’s $80K funded account (level 3)

At the moment Jeremiah is trading the $80k funded account.

His next mission is to reach the next 10% target and double his funded account to $160k.

Level 3 funded trader Jeremiah


Jeremiah Abrams


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