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Lower risk trading is more profitable than you would think

Lower risk trading is more profitable than you would think

How can low-risk trading be rewarding, after all?

As traders, we are always looking for ways to lower our risk. But then for us it means proportionally lowering profit potential. So, traders often would take higher risk trades when focusing on the profit, or take too low risk when focusing on the potential risk.

Controlling risk is our job!

There are two main tools for controlling risk. 1) Lower position size – by decreasing exposure level per trade and taking on less trade volume; 2) Lowering the number of points a trader is willing to lose. Traders are able to reduce their risk per trade. When using these tools simultaneously or separately, the risks will be lowered considerably and successes will be on the up-side.

Why low risk is king?

Traders’ philosophy is that first and foremost, we are responsible for the assets that we bring from home. We should be respectful and appreciate our assets so much so that we should secure them. As low as our risk is, so is the potential of our profit. There is a common claim that when we trade low risk – we land up taking low profit. However, when traders are trading at low risk, they are able to trade over and over again without “traders” remorse. It is a long term profession, it is ongoing and we are able to take tight profits from it over and over again.

When we plant the seeds of our account, we should feed it with the correct amount of food and water. Something grows –  something crisp, something green ($$$$) and something fruitful. It multiplies. But for that, we need patience and definitely low-risk trading. We should increase our account capital proportionally and responsibly over time too. 

Can we trade low risk and still win massively?

The 5%ers is a fund that encourages their traders to take low-risk trades with proportional low profits. But there are rewards for this: milestone targets are at 10% net gain and when targets are reached traders receive 100% growth.

The key to controlling your risks

All traders can maintain levels of low-risk trading by using any trading strategies. To lower our risk by cutting the points is less flexible, especially considering if we are trading accurately according to our trading strategy plan! Because, if we see the way the market behaves according to price action, reducing the points that we risk is ignoring the price of the price action. In turn, if we ignore the way that price behaves, well then, we may find ourselves busted many times. So we would not advise changing that. For changing position size, we can cut as low as necessary and continue trading by the market profile or status that we’ve been trained for. For example, Alan’s trading performance provides him with a 25% drawdown and The 5%ers require 4-5% drawdown. All Alan needs to do to match this, is cut his position size by the right proportion to meet 4% or less. If Alan cuts by 6%, he will be less than 4% as well as safe and able to maintain his strategy with no risk and The 5%ers will reward Alan when his targets are reached.

Final thoughts

Trading by taking low risk, will guard our base resource and allow us to trade more comfortably with less stressing over potential and big losses, It requires more patience for collecting smaller profits, but over time it rewards us with trading confidence and long-lasting trading career. Sometimes it perhaps urges someone to wish there was a way to hold the stick at both ends.

Remember, trading is a career, we are here to stay! Over-speeding is too risky in the trading business. Be a low-risk trader but grow fast.

The 5%ers has the fastest growing program in the industry and reward their traders with outstanding growth programs, especially for those who risk low.

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