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Our Trading Spirit – 2020 Recap By Saul Lokier

December 29, 2020 | 12:52 pm | Advanced Forex Blog
December 29, 2020 | 12:52 pm
Advanced Forex Blog
Our Trading Spirit –Lessons From 2020 and Plans for 2021

Lessons From 2020 and Plans for 2021

A weird, surprising, and challenging year is ending. Markets have experienced historical volatility and reacted to unprecedented macroeconomics events. 2020 has been a year to remember for many of us. I would say the same for The5ers.

The5ers is much more than a funding company. I don’t see the relationship with the traders as customers buying funded accounts as a product. We are a Forex Fund seeking skilled traders to manage and grow the Funds capital so we can keep funding new traders. It is in our best interest to help our traders to succeed, and that is why we do our best to provide them with the best trading resources and conditions. I try every day to think and act in a trader-oriented way.


So what did we have this year?

Before online trading, trading used to be a very social activity. Going to the exchanges and meeting other partners.

Now everyone trades from his own trench, and we have lost the social part of trading.

I want to bring that back for our traders and make them feel part of a higher purpose and a community of successful traders.

To achieve that, social media is great; but are also building our own platforms.

This year I have been focused on building a trading ecosystem for ourselves and our traders. To accomplish that, we have opened a lot of channels and resources that bring us closer to the traders, to the point that many of them know us by name. I’m convinced that it is important to connect with our traders and try to get to know them as much as possible. I believe traders find value in these resources and next year we will keep expanding the reach. 

For me, it is important to provide our traders with platforms to interact between them and with us, to create a community. I hope every trader that has attended a Trading Room or a Portfolio Analyst appointment can give credit to that.

Since the launching of the trading room, we have seen more and more traders coming day after day; the portfolio analyst calendar is fully booked, the Facebook group keeps growing and maintaining trading as the main topic.

I feel very satisfied with these accomplishments and excited for the ounces coming on next year.


What did I learn from working with traders?

I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to talk with somebody about trading. It is a language that almost no one understands. Friends and family will stop listening as soon as I say “pips”, “lot size” or “Mt4”.

Talking to traders is quite exciting and interesting. Every trader faces a different challenge or success story. But I realize that in the end what really helps traders to improve is saying things out loud, externalizing their thoughts. Besides the advice or point of view that I can give them, really listening to themselves is what helps them realize what they need to change or start doing. 

I exhort you to be active in the Trading Room and the Facebook group. Interacting and helping others will bring you a lot of rewards as you externalize your thoughts.


A personal tip for traders for 2021. How to make it your best trading year

Hard task, but If I would have to give one or two advice for making 2021 a great trading year for you, I would say the following:

First. Build your foundations. Most traders do not have a trading plan in place written down. It may sound irrelevant, but this is the only way to know exactly what to do in every market scenario. It will keep you from improvising or hesitating while trading. 

Your trading plan of course includes your strategy, but it is more than that. It should include some trading habits, risk and trade management, personal insights, etc. It really has to become your trading guide.

Use the last week of the year and take advantage of the low volatility to invest time to create a complete trading plan. During next year go back to it, review it, and improve it constantly. 

Second, Do not rush! Nobody expects a University to teach a whole profession in 6 months; nobody expects to master a musical instrument in a few months; nobody expects a brand new business to generate millions of dollars in a few months. So why to expect all the above from trading? It will take time to learn and master the markets, and it will take time from the markets to generate a nice income for you. Stick to the process responsibly and very soon you will reach higher levels of funding where the big money will be waiting for you. Commit to the process, the money will follow.


What to expect for next year?

For 2021 we have a lot in place. We are about to launch a trading ideas bank. A page for uploading trade ideas and comment on other’s ideas. This will be the space for traders to interact with other traders keeping the dialog focused on trading. For beginners will be a great source of learning material, and for experienced traders will be the place to add to others and keep improving. It will be exciting.

I have also prepared a Prop Trading Course for The5ers traders to adapt their strategies to the fund’s parameters and learn some advanced trade management techniques and mental tools for trading. I believe beginners and experienced traders will find value in it.

The past year we imparted webinars on different platforms, events, and recognized websites. In the upcoming year, we will continue expanding our reach, always providing value and sharing our knowledge.

If the global situation allows it, we will aim to do a live frontal event with our traders, so we can meet them personally and network one with another. Again, creating community and thinking trader-oriented.


Our Trading Spirit Last words

We seek your success. We are in an ongoing improvement process. We work hard every day to get closer to that objective, I hope you feel that. 

I wish you a happy new year and a great and pipfull 2021.


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