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The Funding Industry – 2020 Recap By Gil Ben Hur

December 31, 2020 | 3:00 pm | Advanced Forex Blog
December 31, 2020 | 3:00 pm
Advanced Forex Blog
We will never be the biggest player in the funding industry

2020 Had taught me, we will never be the biggest player in the funding industry

It’s over. 2020 will be a year to remember, mostly for it was a year that taught us how to adapt to changes, reshape our habits, and rephrase our goals. The year was challenging and full of surprises. While the world is being locked in homes, and so were we, we were challenged by a massive growing demand for The5ers’ programs. We had served more traders within and were very much involved in the public discussions out there. 

Ever since we were introduced to the public, sometimes in 2016, our main task was to tell the trading community what is a ‘Funding Traders Program’, we had dealt with a lot of doubts and misconceptions. By mid-2019 Funding, Traders became widely familiar, and by the beginning of 2020, we had officially concluded the Funding Traders has become a respectful industry of its own, where The5ers are there at the leading top firms, dictating a new refreshing shake for the financial services industry. 

While we were among the very few pioneers of the funding traders niche, 2020 had developed well where new colleague brands joined the industry and today traders have many options to shop from. You won’t hear many CEO’s congratulating you for growing competition. But you will absolutely hear me doing so.

Funding Traders is a new thing in the traders’ arena. There is plenty of room for versatile approaches to fulfill the wide range of traders’ different needs. Each brand contributes new ideas and new angles for our young industry to grow mature.


Take it slower – but safer

I have recognized The5ers will never be the biggest fund. And I am very much proud of this statement. I have the greatest team with me, I am grateful for having them every morning and every evening, and we are all very confident we could be huge if we would be less falling for the temptations to provide popular but irresponsible demands.

Our challenge would always be finding a fine balance between taking responsibility and preaching for educated trading that can sustain a full career, and by being limitless populistic. We are often being criticized for representing the conservative trading approach. The one that says: take it slower – but safer. Maybe it is not for the majority of forex traders, but I have a very clear image of what is the trader’s profile I want to be surrounded by.

As 2020 progressed we were ready to introduce major improvements to our programs. We have collected many ideas and critics from our own traders and from traders who had rejected us. The launch was beyond all expectations. The key for the successful launch was the message in the subtext, that we are listening, and being attended to for traders’ ambitions. 

Changing the program alone would have not taken us there if it wouldn’t go hand-in-hand with investing in our trader by providing complementary education. The sad truth about trading is that the rate of success will always be below. We mind this aspect by building a lot of complementary array of services to help the struggling traders become somewhat better.

With fair pricing of less from most education and mentorship programs, The5ers provide traders at all skill levels a true value. We are developing more services to emphasize our trading spirit, with services like the daily live trading room, the Prop Trading preparation course, extensive statistics performance dashboard, 1 on 1 coaching… and many more to come in the year 2021.

Final Words

For the upcoming year, I wish to express my gratitude to all of The5ers traders in the present, past and future, for putting their faith and trust in our hands. I promise to continue developing The5ers in the best interest of the trader, to insist on fulfilling the responsible trading role, for the sake of building long relationships with the prosperous trader’s community.

Happy new year, and lots of green pips in 2021 and beyond.


Gil Ben-Hur

CEO, The5ers.


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