Interviews With Traders

Our New Funded Trader Says: Passing the evaluation is the key moment in my career

July 23, 2019 | 12:33 pm | Interviews With Traders
July 23, 2019 | 12:33 pm
Interviews With Traders

Trader Tips, Inspirations & lessons from The 5%ers’ Funded Trader:

Robert Britton

40 years old, USA.

Robert Britton has just successfully passed our evaluation program with great achievement and become a funded trader.

He is now one of our funded trader’s and he is trading with a $24K funded account on our platform.

His next mission is to reach 10% of profit and double his funds to 48K.

We spoke with Robert Britton about his insights and lessons gained while trading in the Forex market and on our platform as a funded trader.

How were you introduced to the Forex market?

  • I was introduced to gold and Forex six years ago by a friend while serving in the military.

We traded stocks shortly after. I gravitated to Forex which ended up becoming my passion.

Describe your trading plan.

  • No, I did not. We placed trades blindly before earnings reports for company stocks with little research.

He did not have much experience nether but I knew trading was something I was hungry to learn.

Tell us about your trading routine.

  • I wake up every morning at 630a.m 830a.m New York eastern time.

Then I observe what direction the Dow Jones and S&P 500 is headed during the pre-market.

Taking fundamentals into account I look for technical breakouts for USD pairs.

Placing no more than three pending orders per day on average.

How do you manage risk in your trading? Do you have risk management techniques?

  • My risk management is 2 to 1 on every trade,

Trailing stop loss behind lower low or higher high taking what the market gives me.

What was your biggest challenge in trading, and how had you overcome this?

  • Being impatient and trading with emotion were hurdles I have overcome.

Our New Funded Trader Says: Passing the evaluation is the key moment in my career

What was the key moment of your trading career?

  • Passing the evaluation program with your company is a key moment in my trading career.

In your opinion, what are the most important characteristics for maintaining a steady trading career?

  • Discipline with perfecting your craft is a key characteristic of maintaining a stable trading career.

What is the most important trading mental aspect, and how do you apply it in your routine?

  • Treating each day like I am trading my life savings for the first time, and I cant loss my life savings.

What was your strategy to successfully passing The 5%ers’ Evaluation Program?

  • My strategy was going with a strong USD when US stocks were weak and going against the USD when US stocks were strong.

My tip for others in the program is to stick with pairs you are familiar with fundamentally and place pending orders not market orders.

After how much time did you become a consistent trader? What aspects changed that helped you to become consistent?

  • It took me four years to become a consistent trader.

One thing that changed for me was the time and place I conduct my business, being in an environment with less distraction.

Would you like to share anything else with us?

  • I appreciate the opportunity and I look forward to building a prosperous business relationship.

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