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Tips to Succeed on The5ers Funded Trader Program

December 3, 2019 | 3:21 am | Advanced Forex Blog
December 3, 2019 | 3:21 am
Advanced Forex Blog
The 5%ers' Evaluation Program

Rules & Tips For Passing The 5%ers’ Level 1 Program:

The 5%ers’ are always looking for new and unique traders to join our program.

Our “new-generation” Funded Trading Program recruits talented forex traders worldwide, to trade on our platform using our Fund’s capital.

The 5%ers’ level 1 Program’s goal is super easy to reach, at only 6% net profit.

The 5%ers’ Programs take place on live trading accounts.

The traders earn real profits during their level 1 stage.

Once a trader completes and passes their level 1, they become a level 2 funded trader. 


Trading on The 5%ers’ platform has many advantages:

  1. Real money  – The5ers is the only firm on the market that funds traders with real money and not a demo account. This means that if you pass the first level, you will get paid. Compare this to other firms that only open up a real money account for you once you’ve passed their entrance test.
  2. Trading Flexibility – At The5ers, we allow continuous trading 24/5. It’s possible to Hold overnight, over the weekend, and even hold through economic news releases. This allows our trader’s freedom to engage in almost every trading strategy.
  3. Easily reached milestone targets – From day one with the5ers, you’re given easy and achievable trading targets and objectives. This means that you can progress faster within the program and not worry about unattainable goals.
  4. Monthly payout guaranteed – There is no fine print on this one. Guaranteed monthly payouts for all positive profits.
  5. Non-deductible – Payout is not deducted from milestone growth.
  6. 2x growth – Double your account every time you hit a milestone growth in your account.
  7. On-time fee – After that, there are no further costs ever.
  8. Affordable – The5ers offers the lowest participation fee in the industry.
  9. Support – Fast and efficient human support every time you need it.
  10. You get access to trading resources such as Live trading rooms, an online appointment with experienced Portfolio analysts, education, and performance analitycs.

So, if you think that you have what it takes to pass The 5%ers’  Program, please take a few moments and read over these six tips that we have compiled to help you.


If you are a competent and successful forex trader, you are likely applying similar rules:

  • Do not exceed 4% loss below the deposit value.
  • Do not risk over 1.5% on each trade on low risk programs.
  • For all running trades – do not use leverage over 1 to 6 on low risk programs or 1:30 on the aggressive ones.


We welcome all trading styles, and in fact, we encourage you to trade using your strategies, especially if they are already working for you.


During level 1:

  • Allow a place for a margin of error as trading is unpredictable.
  • Do your best to enter your position with lower risk and lower exposure.
  • Do not forget that the goal is very low – only 6% net gain for low risk and 12% for the aggressive.
  • Do not move too fast with the full leverage allowance.
  • Take a deep breath, relax, and hit your goals calmly and professionally.


Your trading strategies and adaptation plan should be thought of and planned before starting your program.

It’s important to note:

  • Measure your strategies before joining the platform.
  • Take a look at how you have been succeeding before The 5%ers’ Program.
  • For example – you have been trading 6 months before entering our program, and have 20% drawdowns. However, our program requires a 4% drawdown, which means that to pass the level 1, you will have to cut your position down to meet this 4% drawdown requirement.

At first glance, this 4% requirement may seem like an unnecessarily restriction that leads to lower profits. But, remember that while trading with us, when you hit your target, you can obtain a fourfold increase on your account. So,  although 4% seems low, the payoffs and rewards are exceptional if you maintain low risk. Remember, we encourage, cultivate, and reward for this!


There is no rush to enter the market. We prefer quality trades over a large number of trades. Slow down when you find yourself speeding up. Spend time on the accuracy of your entry. Rather miss a trade than rush in one or have a late entry.


You have a large time limit to complete level 1. We are not the type of traders who are impressed by the speed. We prefer thoughtful trades and also prefer traders not to over trade. What impresses us more and makes us proud is having our traders be a part of our platform.

  • Be a solid trader.
  • Invest wisely.
  • Research diligently.


We request that you enter our program authentically and use their own tradings styles. We don’t expect anyone to change unless their specific strategies or risk management, etc., are not working for them. However, the only restraint is to maintain stop loss and exposure.

Our model is flexible and versatile, and this is why we stand out from our opposition. If you are a full-time, part-time, overnight, or weekend trader – remain using your styles and techniques that work and change what does not.

Besides the minimal fee, no further costs. Once passing level 1, your fully funded trading account will bring you a 50% profit share payout monthly. It is risk-free (as we take on the risk) and you earn double for every milestone reached. Have a look at our growth scheme for all the information.

A 100% Reward for Every Target Gain is Waiting for You!

The 5%ers’ wish you the best of success in our program

and look forward to you joining soon!


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