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7 Forex Podcasts Worth Checking Out

January 23, 2022 | 3:25 pm | Advanced Forex Blog
January 23, 2022 | 3:25 pm
Advanced Forex Blog
7 Forex Podcasts Worth Checking Out

Forex Podcasts

If you love the world of forex trading then there are lots of ways you can get info about it online, such as social media channels, YouTube, etc… they give you up-the-minute tips that you can put to good use. Another amazing learning tool is forex podcasts. There are lots of forex podcasts out there, and you can use them to learn during your downtime.

Here are some of the most helpful podcasts out there right now that worth checking and listening to. 


Chat With Traders

This is one of the most popular podcasts out there right now, and rightly so. Hosted by Aaron Fifield, you’ll be able to glean tips and ideas from traders of all levels and experiences. He interviews different traders every week, giving you lots of insight into how trading works.

‘It’s a great way to get to grips with the trading scene as a whole, especially if you’re new to it,’ says Michelle Powers, a writer at UKWritings and Elite Assignment Help. ‘You can start listening right now and pick up plenty of tips to help you get started.’


Forex Beginner

This podcast is hosted by Calvin, whose goal is to become financially free. To do this, he has got into forex trading and is learning about the scene as he goes. If you also want to reach this goal, this is a great podcast to listen to.

Calvin documents what he learns in every episode, breaking down the trades he’s made this week and what he’s learned from them. It’s an invaluable tool as it shows you what you can learn from the entire process.


Online Forex Trading Course

Want to learn about trading from an experienced trader? You can listen to this forex podcast, hosted by Andrew Mitchem. He’s been in the game for 10 years and has a strategy that works across all currency pairs, time frames, and times of day.

His show is helpful to both those who are new to forex trading and those who want to develop new strategies. Either way, you can tune in to see what an experienced trader can offer you.



Desire To Trade

This forex podcast is developed for all potential forex traders who want to get more freedom in their lives. Host Etienne Crete interviews traders worldwide, looking into what makes them successful and how they have managed to build up their portfolios.

It’s another interview-style podcast that’s well worth checking out, as getting context from other traders is always helpful. You can learn a lot from them and apply their methods to your own trading.


FX Talk Forex Podcast

This podcast focuses on how different currencies fluctuate and why this happens. You need to know about it as a forex trader, so listening to this podcast will give you some real insight into why this happens.

Three different financial market analysts update you every week on the news in forex trading and its effect on the market as a whole. As such, you’ll have plenty of information for when you make your trading decisions.


The Trading Coach

Here’s another podcast for those starting in forex trading and needing some guidance. Akil Stokes is an established trader and coach, and in his podcast, he covers trading, investing, personal development, and entrepreneurship.

‘You’ll get plenty of professional insights by listening to this podcast,’ says finance blogger Keenan Miles, a finance blogger with Revieweal and Best Essays. ‘It’s one to check out if you’re just starting and need some ideas as to where to begin trading.’


Two Blokes Trading

This forex podcast is very accessible to beginners. As the name implies, it’s two guys who have friendly chats about forex trading and everything that’s happening in this area right now. They cover everything from picking a broker to regulation and government interference and the methods they’re using right now.

The best thing about this podcast is that it’s framed as a friendly chat between two people. Trading can feel relatively dry and complicated, so they’ve put that info out there in a way that won’t be confusing for those starting out. If you’re looking for something that will put you on the right path, this is the podcast for you.


Forex Podcasts – Bottom Line

These are just some of the best forex trading podcasts out there right now. If you want to dip your toes into the world of forex trading podcasts, then these are the ones you can start with. Whether you’re new to trading and need a hand or are experienced and want to keep developing, you’re going to find helpful material to you here.

Emily Henry is a writer with Essay Help and College Assignment Help. She covers podcasts and podcast news. She’s also a tutor with Best essay writing services


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