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Forex Traders Shared Their Strategy For Passing The5ers’ Evaluation Program

March 29, 2020 | 12:18 pm | Forex Blog
March 29, 2020 | 12:18 pm
Forex Blog
Forex Traders Shared Their Strategy For Passing The5ers’ Evaluation Program

This Article Presents Real Traders Who Have Passed The5ers’ Evaluation Program

passing The5ers Evaluation Program

Justin’s advice: Don’t risk any more than 1% of the account

Justin.W. 31, United States.

Justin’s strategy was to scale trades, he moves stop losses to break even once the price moved enough. All his trades size in the evaluation account were 0.02.
Justin says he’s looking forward to trading a larger account because he will be able to set trade size better according to risk.

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Kiel’s advice: Take the Time and Effort to Learn Yourself

Kiel.R. 25, United States.

Kiel used a daily-timeframe strategy of capitalizing of 50-EMA bounces. Kiel is not a day-trader and developing the patience to swing-trade took time.

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Brad’s advice: Know when to Cut Losses Fast.

Brad.S. 28, United States.

Brad says he was very disciplined with his trading for the evaluation and whith his position sizing and knew when to cut losses fast.
His approach was slow and steady from the beginning, which gave him a huge psychological advantage because he was in no rush to trade the account up.

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Timothy’s advice: Use Risk Management

Timothy.M, 36, Rwanda.

Timothy says that managing risk was a big part of passing the evaluation.
Timothy setts his risk in dollars and then adapts the position size to suit his predetermined risk amount. He used free apps to do this, such as pip size calculator.

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Roeder’s advice: Focussing on Fundamentals on Just a Few Pairs

Roedet.S. 42, Netherlands.

Roedet failed his first evaluation program. However, he successfully passed the second time.
Roedet says he was able to make more money in just a few winning trades while keeping his losing trades small.

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Chase’s advice: Trade with Patience and Fearlessness

Chase.W. 27, United States.

Chase uses his trading plan as his strategy.
He usually waits for the price to break resistance/support/trendline as the point where he begins to look for trade entries.

His purpose is to place an entry where it retests whatever line it breaks (If more than one he much more willing to trade it).

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Forex Traders Explaining Their Strategy For passing The 5%ers’ Evaluation Program

Vawda’s advice: Be Disciplined with your Strategy

Vawda.Z. 29, South Africa.

Vawda says he just followed his trading plan believing that consistency will get him to his target.

Even though a period of a couple of losses, he was disciplined and stuck by his strategy, and believed in his ability and analysis.

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Nathan’s advice: Keep Risk Low and Know your Strategy Inside and Out

Nathan.R. 25, United States.

Nathan says you should keep the risk low and know your strategy inside and out.
If you’re a trend trader you need to cut losses and let the winners run, you’ll never know when the next big trend will occur.

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Robert’s advice: Stick with Pairs you are Familiar with

Robert.B. 40, United States.

Robert’s strategy was going with a strong USD when US stocks were weak and going against the USD when US stocks were strong.
Robert’s tip for other traders in the program is to stick with pairs you are familiar with their fundamentals and place pending orders and not market orders.

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Brandon’s advice: Combine patience with Proper Risk Management

Brandon.M. 26, United States.

Brandon basically takes a trade if his system tells him to do it, or manage a trade or exit a trade if it requires him to do so. It works out to be about 2-5% profit a month on average.

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Andrew’s advice: Hold Profitable Positions for Long Terms and Cut Losses

Andrew.K. 19, England

Andrew is using the same strategy that he’s been using for a year now, with weekly zones, daily zones, trading reversals and breakouts.
He has risked only 0.5% per trade which allowed him to still be in profit, and he was consistent with it.

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Passing The5ers Evaluation Program – Conclusion

There are quite a few traders who have successfully passed our evaluation program.

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Use their knowledge and tips to pass the evaluation program and to proceed to better forex trading.

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